We are in our 2nd year at Creation Kids. We really enjoy it and are glad that we chose Creation Kids for our girls' preschool. Not only is it affordable, the staff is great, and it's tons of fun. As a mom, it's even fun for me and there are tons of opportunities to get involved with your kids during the program. I highly recommend Creation Kids and am going to miss it when my little ones venture on to Kindergarten.  - Amy 

Our son had trouble adjusting to another local preschool, so he started in the summer program and is now in one of the 4/5 year old rooms at Creation Kids. He LOVES going to school and hasn't had trouble making friends or adjusting to the school-day at all! We're so grateful for the friendly staff and the dependable leadership that is expected in effective early childhood centers. My son is learning letters/sounds/patterns and comes home with fun "homework" that we get to practice as a family. He's come home a few times singing songs I haven't heard in ten years and reminds me just how important the Christian background and belief system is to becoming a well-rounded and complete individual. - Shannon

We have our second child at CK, for our 4th year and have really grown to love the program! All of the staff members take great care of our children and truly care about them! Our oldest daughter was prepared for Kindergarten after many of the skills learned here! - Callessa

​Creation Kids childcare 

Creation Kids is a licensed facility that provides Preschool and Daycare for children ages three and older.  Creation Kids is located in North Liberty since August 2000.  Creation Kids is a Christian-based Program that teaches your child about Christian values such as respect and treating others with kindness.  We include bible stories, prayers before meals and Christian activities into our daily and weekly curriculum.  It is our goal to introduce and give a Christian background as well as working on Christian values. Creation Kids is known for our strong family connections, successful Preschool program, small classrooms and its unique family involvement.  Parents are encouraged to attend holiday parties, field trips and other center sponsored activities as well as receive daily and weekly updates to keep informed.  We hold the following family functions annually; Christmas Program, Graduation Program, Santa's Workshop, Thanksgiving Dinner, Pancake Breakfast, Adventureland Trip, Parents Night Out and so much more! Creation Kids is a ministry of the North Liberty First United Methodist Church and it s our mission to ensure your children strive for an introduction to Christian values and life long learning!

Our Mission Statement:​
We are a community within a community, striving to ensure all children’s introduction to
Christian Values, with an emphasis on life-long learning.

Our Vision Statement:

Creation Kids is known for our strong family connections, successful Christian-Based Preschool Program, small classrooms, and it’s unique family involvement.

30Creation Kids Childcare Center

North Liberty Preschool - 319-626-2284

Secondary Phone - 319-665-2809

Hours of Operation - 6:30am - 6:00pm