Creation Kids currently enrolls for the following 

- Full Day Preschool/Childcare

- Morning Only Preschool 

- Preschool/Childcare for 2-5 days a week

- BASP care for kids attending Penn, Van Allen, Garner and North Bend Elementarys 

- Summer Camp Care for school age children 

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Creation Kids is a full day, full year program that loves to offer a few additional items through out the year. These items do typically have additional costs but worth it for all the fun and help it brings to our families. Some of these items include ...

- Coverage On No School Days

- School Holiday Breaks

- Coverage For Early Outs

- Coverage For Late Starts

- Preschool Field Trips

- Family Trip to Adventureland

- Summer Camp Lost Island Trip


We love to keep in touch with our families on a daily basis! Our preschool classroom teachers work hard to provide you communication daily on how your child's day was, how they ate and if they rested. Each afternoon you will receive a paper or emailed daily sheet letting you know all about your child's day at preschool! On top of that our site Director and Assistant Director keep in constant communication with all families between the three locations. There are weekly reminder emails, even emails and we are happy to be using REMIND to send out last minute reminders for things like silly sock day that sometimes can get passed over on a families busy schedule! 

Director, Michelle Eide and Assistant Director, Kara Fenstermaker have an open door, open call and open email policy here at Creation Kids. We would love to hear your feedback, have you voice your concerns or just reach out regarding anything that may come up!




Creation Kids is a Christian Based Preschool and childcare that runs all year. Like many business we do have some holidays among the year that we are closed. Creation Kids will be closed on the following holidays ...

New Year's Day 

Good Friday 

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

**Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday will be observed on the weekday leading up to or following the Holiday. We have all closed dates set and to parents at the start of each year to help with family planning! 

Creation Kids Childcare Center

North Liberty Preschool - 319-626-2284

Coralville Preschool  - 319-887-2284

North Liberty BASP - 319-665-2809


Currently our two preschool locations have a secured entrance to their buildings. With the current build, as we move forward, all our locations will have a family safe entrance secured by a coded key. At the time of registration each family has their own code for safe and friendly family access! 

Please call or email to set up a tour today! We can not wait to have you visit! 

Creation Kids Childcare
Hours - 6:30am - 6pm

Director Michelle Eide -

Asst. Director Kara Fenstermaker -

North Liberty Preschool

Phone Contact - 319-626-2284

Coralville Preschool 

Phone Contact - 319-887-2284 

North Liberty BASP

Phone Contact - 319-665-2809


Creation Kids uses a 12 week rotating menu to help integrate new and yummy foods into our classroom. Meals are prepared on site and fresh to the classrooms for each meal time.  Many of the meals are based on typical family meals and child favorites with a few add ins for something new! WE provide a daily morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack for all children enrolled! 

Menu #1

Menu #2

Menu #3

Menu #4

Menu #5

Menu #6

Menu #7

Menu #8

Menu #9

Menu #10

Menu #11

Menu #12

** Menus are subject to change due to time of year or what is available at our local grocery store.