At Creation Kids we work with each age group in a way that best suits them and ensures their growth and happiness. We start with the fundamentals of social skills in our 3 year old rooms and work towards Kindergarten readiness in our 4/5 year old rooms. 


  • Daily social skills work 
  • Work on colors, shapes and letters
  • Writing and math skills
  • Reading readiness skills 


Learn and Grow

School Age 

Respect for others



30Creation Kids Childcare Center

North Liberty Preschool - 319-626-2284

Secondary Phone - 319-665-2809

Hours of Operation - 6:30am - 6:00pm

Creation Kids provides before and after school care for children attending Penn, Garner, Van Allen and North Bend Elementary schools. Creation Kids will transfer your children to and from school on a daily basis as well as help accommodate your children on no school days and breaks!  

OUR Mission

Mission Statement:

We are a community within a community, striving to ensure all children’s introduction to Christian Values, with an emphasis on life-long learning.

Vision Statement:

Creation Kids is known for our strong family connections, successful Christian-Based Preschool Program, small classrooms, and it’s unique family involvement.