Creation Kids offers preschool for potty trained children ages 3-5 years old! We work with the families and children to provide a base of education, social skills and life lessons as they head to Kindergarten and start their elementary education.

North Liberty Classrooms

Friendly Frogs 3yr old room - 1:8 ratio

Dancing Dolphins 3yr old room - 1:8 ratio

Busy Bees 4yr old room - 1:8 ratio

Playful Penguins 3yr old room - 1:12 ratio

Happy Hippos 4yr old room - 1:12 ratio

Mighty Monkeys 4 yr old room - 1:12 ratio

Terrific Turtles 4yr old room - 1:12 ratio


There is no cost to join our waiting list today! ​

       Our Preschool Program includes a Christian based atmosphere with songs, bible stories, and prayers before snacks and lunch.  We focus on teaching Christian values that will help serve them through their growing years such as being respectful, treating others kindly and always giving new adventures a try.  We also work hard on getting each and every child ready for Kindergarten by working on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills through out the year.  A few of the kindergarten readiness skills that we focus on are; letter recognition and writing, colors, numbers, shapes, sorting, patterns, large motor, fine motor and social skills.  We base our lesson plans on weekly and bi-weekly themes that encourage learning, play and excitement.  With each theme we include activities in science, art, reading, dramatic play, building and so much more!  Each preschool room has a Lead Teacher that plans the curriculum and works a majority of the day.  In the afternoons, each room has an assistant teacher that comes in and spends the afternoon with the children.  Our teachers are working with your children daily to help ensure that their time here ate Creation Kids is both educational and fun. Each year your child’s lead teacher will work through evaluations and relaying that information back to our parents. This helps us ensure your children are on the right educational path, having fun and including the parents helps us get feedback for the individual child as well as the program!

       Creation Kids offers our children a variety of field trips, visitors, holiday parties, and special event days throughout the year.  We have a special day or field trip at least once a month.  A few of them include trips to the Apple Orchard, Pumpkin Patch, Children's Museum and our local Fire Stations.  These field trips, along with visits from a local meteorologist, local pediatric dentist and local police officers make up some of our monthly trips and special days through the year.  We have special events that also take place during the year including our Christmas Program, Thanksgiving lunch, Pancake Breakfast and Graduation Program that we invite our families to take part of and help in celebrating.  On top of all the fun activities Creation Kids hold through out the year we also have a great partnership with some local groups that help us offer yearly vision screens, class and individual photos twice a year, a flu clinic available to all family members and a hearing and speech evaluation every other year.
       Creation Kids Preschool is available for all potty trained children ages 3-5 years old. We do our main enrollment starting in early February each year though our start dates and class changes happen in June and August each year as the summer and school year starts. We do suggest putting your child on our waiting list at no cost to your family!! 

Our program starts at age three and potty trained. Through out their three year old experience we focus on social skills and the start of an academic foundation. As they reach our 4/5 year old room we strive to continue the social skills but put more focus on academics to help prepare them for their future year in kindergarten! 

Welcome to Preschool! 

Our program and teachers use a variety of communication to help keep our families connected! We use daily email, paper files for each child, Facebook, Shutterfly and Remind that sends text and emails for upcoming events! 

30Creation Kids Childcare Center

North Liberty Preschool - 319-626-2284

Secondary Phone - 319-665-2809

Hours of Operation - 6:30am - 6:00pm

Our classrooms are all set up to best suit the needs of your children with low counters, sinks, bathrooms and all items at a level they can use daily.